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Wisdom of Solomon

I have been sitting here lamenting the passing of Canada’s new Bill C-51 and pondering on how such a set of laws (or lack thereof) could be foisted upon a population that has been protesting against it for months, if … Continue reading

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Modern History – A Work In Progress Part 1

There is a play coming together on the world stage to which no one has a program, except the cast.  It is a mystery, a horror and a thriller all in one. It is being performed behind the elaborately constructed … Continue reading

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Generations Rising

According to Canada’s Clerk of the Privy Council in his March, 2014 report to the Prime Minister on the Public Service of Canada: “Aboriginal people are the fastest growing demographic group in Canada. Their full participation in Canada’s economy is … Continue reading

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Vaccine Updates

15 children have died after receiving measles vaccine. Here is a history of vaccination in Canada and a bit about the U.S.  

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A mystery takes shape in Brazil

As the BRIC nations gain more financial and political power they have begun to undermine the mighty petrodollar and this new public attention to the workings of our economy is highlighting some of the evil associated with big oil bucks. … Continue reading

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Geology Sunday – Earthquake Tourism

I don’t believe that I have ever felt an earthquake, although I am told that there are many earthquakes underfoot.  Truly there are parts of North America that have a staggering number of naturally occurring earthquakes (Alaska, Yukon, California, Ontario, … Continue reading

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Looking towards a Bright Future

Ahh, so much bad news. I know that even if ignored by me, the horrible things man does to man and his surroundings will continue. But will they? It seems today that events around the world are rushing towards a … Continue reading

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