Wisdom of Solomon

I have been sitting here lamenting the passing of Canada’s new Bill C-51 and pondering on how such a set of laws (or lack thereof) could be foisted upon a population that has been protesting against it for months, if not years. All of Canada has been witness to the horrible consequences of our southerly neighbours’ use of a nebulous threat (terror) to shred their bill of rights, their Constitution. We have all watched the darkness of Homeland Security, TSA and the NSA spread to every home in ever more insidious forms, so how is it that as witnesses to this draconian scenario we can implement it our own land?

Last week I, like all other Canadians were protected in our opinions, thoughts and beliefs by the Canadian Bill of Rights; this week I can be held in detention indefinitely under only the suspicion of instigating anarchy with my words. Last week I was not afraid to express my anger and frustration at the overwhelming control that the moneyed and powerful have over each and every one of us but this week my words are metaphorical. So here goes…

Looking out upon the world today, as though perched upon the highest mountain peak and possessing the eyes of the Eagle, I perceive a darkness growing across the curve of this Earth. Yet it is more than just the absence of light upon the land that draws my attention like an approaching predator, there is a feeling emanating from within those darkening enclaves of man, and it has the feel of evil.

No, Solomon didn’t say those words, I did. However there are those in his time who could see a similar darkness forming around them, emanating from the highest levels of their society. I bring Solomon into this because his tale can be used today in describing what darkness can manifest from a man of wealth and power, and because today there are many around the world who fit this description and who cast forth darkness before them. That very storm I look upon now.

These words have fallen from the lips of the rich and powerful since the beginning of history:

“Come, therefore, let us enjoy the good things that exist, and make use of the creation to the full as in youth.

Let us take our fill of costly wine and perfumes, and let no flower of spring pass us by.

Let us crown ourselves with rosebuds before they wither.

Let none of us fail to share in our revelry; everywhere let us leave signs of enjoyment, because this is our portion, and this our lot.

Let us oppress the righteous poor man; let us not spare the widow or regard the gray hairs of the aged.

But let our might be our law of right, for what is weak proves itself to be useless.

Let us lie in wait for the righteous man, because he is inconvenient to us and opposes our actions; he reproaches us for sins against the law, and accuses us of sins against our training.

He professes to have knowledge of God, and calls himself a child of the Lord.

He became to us a reproof of our thoughts; the very sight of him is a burden to us, because his manner of life is unlike that of others, and his ways are strange.

We are considered by him as something base, and he avoids our ways as unclean; he calls the last end of the righteous happy, and boasts that God is his father.

Let us see if his words are true, and let us test what will happen at the end of his life; for if the righteous man is God’s child, he will help him, and will deliver him from the hand of his adversaries.

Let us test him with insult and torture, so that we may find out how gentle he is, and make trial of his forbearance.

Let us condemn him to a shameful death, for, according to what he says, he will be protected.”


 From those words is formed a picture of a society split apart by avarice, greed and entitlement, a society from which the light is fading into darkness. It is today a familiar picture.

Would that I had the power to drive back the darkness and with that light, illuminate the truth. Perhaps it is the job of everyman to recognize that picture and push back against the smothering darkness which stealthily rises from places unsought. Let me use the words spoken long ago in response to another time of growing darkness; words spoken by someone who could see through the darkness and discern the need for wisdom…

“Listen therefore, O kings, and understand; learn, O judges of the ends of the earth.

Give ear, you that rule over multitudes, and boast of many nations.  For your dominion was given you from the Lord, and your sovereignty from the Most High; he will search out your works and inquire into your plans.

Because as servants of his kingdom you did not rule rightly, or keep the law, or walk according to the purpose of God, he will come upon you terribly and swiftly, because severe judgment falls on those in high places.

For the lowliest may be pardoned in mercy, but the mighty will be mightily tested.

For the Lord of all will not stand in awe of anyone, or show deference to greatness; because he himself made both small and great, and he takes thought for all alike.  But a strict inquiry is in store for the mighty.

To you then, O monarchs, my words are directed, so that you may learn wisdom and not transgress. For they will be made holy who observe holy things in holiness, and those who have been taught them will find a defence.

Therefore set your desire on my words; long for them, and you will be instructed.

Wisdom is radiant and unfading, and she is easily discerned by those who love her, and is found by those who seek her.

She hastens to make herself known to those who desire her.

One who rises early to seek her will have no difficulty, for she will be found sitting at the gate.

To fix one’s thought on her is perfect understanding, and one who is vigilant on her account will soon be free from care, because she goes about seeking those worthy of her, and she graciously appears to them in their paths, and meets them in every thought.

The beginning of wisdom is the most sincere desire for instruction, and concern for instruction is love of her, and love of her is the keeping of her laws, and giving heed to her laws is assurance of immortality, and immortality brings one near to God; so the desire for wisdom leads to a kingdom.

Therefore if you delight in thrones and scepters, O monarchs over the peoples, honor wisdom, so that you may reign forever.

I will tell you what wisdom is and how she came to be, and I will hide no secrets from you, but I will trace her course from the beginning of creation, and make knowledge of her clear, and I will not pass by the truth; nor will I travel in the company of sickly envy, for envy does not associate with wisdom.

The multitude of the wise is the salvation of the world, and a sensible king is the stability of any people. Therefore be instructed by my words, and you will profit.”


Please forgive my use of Solomon and his world but it is a window into our own world today.  You don’t have to be religious to see what is going on around you nor do you have to believe in God to feel some connection to the words written above.

Freedom is dead. Long Live Freedom


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