A mystery takes shape in Brazil

As the BRIC nations gain more financial and political power they have begun to undermine the mighty petrodollar and this new public attention to the workings of our economy is highlighting some of the evil associated with big oil bucks. We have learned about global mafia tactics, secret murders and all out wars perpetrated by big oil but what we don’t yet know is if the BRIC nations will take on the same tactics. I am personally enamoured with any competition to the oil dollar so long as the competition rises above the snakes’ belly of secret murders, mafia tactics and war; it is an exciting thought to have a world economy worthy of praise rather than fear.

My interest in this rising group of countries that appear to reject the coercion and pressure imposed by the United States was peaked this past week with the death of a Brazilian politician and his aids. On Wednesday August 13 of this year, Eduardo Campos the left-leaning, pro-business candidate for the presidency of Brazil died in a small plane crash just outside of Sao Paulo as the aircraft was taking off (or landing, depending on which news report you read) in bad weather. Not that small plane crashes in this part of the world are rare, but small plane crashes where the black box recorder has recorded something completely different than the flight are very rare…This is exactly what has happened in this instance and I will be looking out for further discoveries.


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