Yochanan Gordon: A Zionist’s Answers Questioned

It’s been a generation since millions of Poles, Slavs, Russians, Gypsies and Jews were hunted down and slaughtered in Europe by the very philosophy that is controlling the Ukraine today. We are taught in school that ‘genocide’ was perpetrated on these people while many recall this period as a holocaust. Odd that the most vocal victims should turn around and do the same to another race of humans.


GazaChildIf Israel goes down the path of genocide, they lose any right to ever again mention the Nazi holocaust.

On 1 August 2014 the English language version of the Times of Israel published a blog by writer Yochanan Gordon carrying the extremely inflammatory headline When Genocide is Permissible. The blog took the extreme position that the writer feels there is justification for the complete eradication of the Palestinian people. The Times of Israel quickly deleted the blog, stating that it did not share the writer’s views. If this is the case, then one can only ask why they allowed it’s publication in the first place?

Gordon’s rhetoric is chilling in his call for the killing of an entire people. It is all the more chilling when one considers that if any people should immediately dismiss any call for genocide, it is the Jewish people, who have undergone intolerance and attempts…

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