New Tailing Pond Spill

August 05, 2014: Quesnesl Lake in British Columbia is receiving “Some 10 million cubic meters of water and 4.5 million cubic meters of fine sand from the tailings pond of the Mount Polley copper and gold mine.”

It has come in a wave from a breeched dam on Mount Polley which has filled and most likely killed Polley Lake. Hazeltine Creek flows out of Polley Lake and the flow has continued into Quesnel Lake. According to the B.C. government, its 2013 assessment of the pond water shows zinc, lead, arsenic, mercury, phosphorus and the usual host of flocculants and heavy metals.

Here is the B.C. government response, which tells people in the area not to let their livestock or pets drink from the natural water sources, including Cariboo Creek.

This is the second major breech of tailing pond waste into western Canadian waters in the past year.

What else goes on that I cannot see and that the rest of Canada may never know about?

My heart goes out to all of Gods creation and from mankind, I am truly sorry.


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