Fiction, Fact and Prophesy

“Out of the decay of self-seeking capitalism, it was held, would arise that flower of the ages, the Brotherhood Of Man. Instead of which, appalling alike to us who look back and to those that lived at the time, capitalism, rotten-ripe, sent forth that monstrous offshoot, the Oligarchy.”

ANTHONY MEREDITH Ardis, November 27, 419 B.O.M.

Avis Everhard lived and died during the rise of world domination by a relatively small group of wealthy men and her diary of that time sheds a unique and personal light on the destruction of middle class life and descent into tyranny of the ‘westernized’ countries, most notably the United States of America under an Iron Heel of wage slavery and oppression. Her writing, discovered 700-years after she had hidden the pages inside an oak tree, describe the kidnapping of democracy and personal freedom around the world by an oligarchy and how their hired soldiers and militarized police brutally put down a first world wide revolt launched by the ‘socialists’ against these Oligarchs. She was captured and presumably executed by the police before the second revolt began and she would never know of the four or more world wide revolts that were required over three hundred years to rid the world of oligarchic control and give man back his freedom.

Avis wrote her ‘manuscript’ in the United States, between the years 1912 AD and 1932 AD at a time when the United States government had just turned over control of its finances to the privately owned Federal Reserve Bank and the financial and industrial oligarchy were preparing for World War 1. She, like many who were forced into sudden ‘serfdom’ by this rapidly growing oppression blamed that eras’ new zeitgeist on a single book; “Our Benevolent Feudalism” written in 1902 AD by W.J. Ghent. Although perhaps intended to be a critical look at the monopolization of industry, money and government and the spreading wealth gap between working man and magnate at the turn of that century, it is suspected of becoming a road map to tyranny by the oligarchy.
“Too late did the socialist movement of the early twentieth century divine the coming of the Oligarchy.” Wrote Mr. Meredith in his summation of that bloody period in mans history. Yet despite his keen hindsight and his ability to capture the essence of an age long past, he is no match for the writer and visionary Mr. Jack London, who in the year 1908 AD, foretold of this coming tyranny through the eyes of Avis Everhard and Anthony Meredith in his book, The Iron Heel.


I can find no better an example of the blurring of fiction, fact and future vision when I read the pages of the Iron Heel, which begins as a story of events that are true to those first years of the 20Th century, indeed incorporating philosophies and writings of that time in order to highlight the underlying truth of this dystopian tale. So prescient is this story now that the hair rises on the back of my neck as I set todays’ headlines down and compare the machinations of our military-industrial rulers to the future envisioned by Mr. London.


I don’t want it to be true but someone, somewhere along the line has decided that the thoughts of Ghent should become policy, without the benevolence. I urge you to read the fascinating works by both authors to understand when and why life in our westernized world of 2014 AD began its descent into economic and military chaos.


Go here to the Gutenberg Project to read Jack London’s “The Iron Heel”. This is a .pdf link:


Go here to the Internet Archive to read W.J. Ghent’s “Our Benevolent Feudalism” in html:



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