Bibi comes clean

Sounds like a children’s book on personal hygiene, but the actual story is equally as informative. This month, Israel’s prime minister gave a press conference in which he declared his intentions for Palestine and although he has answered many outstanding questions quite clearly, he did it before a limited press conference and he delivered it in Hebrew, both facts guaranteeing that Western media would ignore his revelations.

It is precisely because the prime minister ruled out full Palestinian sovereignty, called the US approach to Israeli security naive, and set out his Middle East overview with unprecedented candour that his words need to be heard around the world. Bibi says there will be no peace for Palestine and from this point forward the occupation of Palestine by Israel will take on a new, oppressive dimension. Now that the Israeli backed, Palestinian Authority (PA) has been put down by Hamas, Israel has no choice but to replace the PA police/military with Israeli Defence Force (IDF) troops on a permanent basis, from Jerusalem all the way to the Mediterranean coast. There will be more fences and more troops and more settlements and anyone who does not like it can take a hike.

Here is the official translation of that talk.

Jerusalem Post article

Al Jazeera article

God bless Palestine


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