Over the past few days, a high ranking military man from a large nation said this about another large nation while complaining about its alleged expansion:

(It)…”has made the conscious decision to use its military force inside of another sovereign nation to achieve its objectives.”

If you are thinking that it might be a military leader from Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Sudan or Vietnam talking about the United States then you are a normal, well-adjusted human being but you would be wrong.  No, the person responsible for this quote is U.S. Army General Martin Dempsey talking about Russias’ involvement in the Ukraine.  As unbelievable as it sounds in the face of decades of U.S. military deployment and war-mongering around the world, this is the official U.S. position and one that is intended to ‘rally the world’ towards the isolation of Russia.

Of course this is not the only hypocritical statement to issue forth from the ‘bastion of freedom’ about Russia or the Russian speaking people of the Ukraine but it is the latest and most blatant.  I suppose General Dempsey is doing his job and just following the state departments’ Ms. Marie Harf when she tells the world that Russia is firing artillery shells into the Ukraine or that Russian speaking Ukrainians brought down a passenger aircraft from thirty or forty thousand feet, all without displaying a shred of evidence.  Indeed the U.S. has told the world that all of this is true based on posts in social media and by the use of good-old American common sense…

For centuries there have been efforts to create gold by combining several lesser elements in a myriad of recipes and all have failed. One would think that those in possession of good-old American common sense would recognize the futility of using alchemy to construct their golden foreign policy objectives. Alas, just like the evidence of Russian aggression, evidence that anyone within the U.S. is normal and well adjusted is being suppressed.




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2 Responses to Alchemy

  1. Well I think it’s clear that the US and Europe want the Ukraine. Russia wants to regain its prior sphere of influence and wants to return those Russian speaking peoples (first in Georgia, now Ukraine) that it is foolish let slip at the fall of the soviet union. Also I think the actions of Russia toward the Ukraine are pretty popular in Russia so it’s a solid survival strategy for Putin’s folk.

    Although long term I think this is bad for Russia. They are picking fights against the west too soon. better to wait until Brazil, China, India, etc. get more powerful so their exclusions won’t hurt as bad

    • theodorous says:

      Yes, it is in the best interests of the Russian economy to bring as many producing regions as they can into their sphere. What the west/EU are doing now in that area are making Russias’ job easier in that respect, primarily because those outside of our western influence have a different perspective on what is going down in Kiev. Remember that the dysfunctional USSR made deals with the Ukraine, and other countries in that area; deals which had fallen by the wayside in the last couple of decades but which are now being renewed in an effort to avoid western control of the regions security, money, resources and food.

      One of those deals which the new Russia was quick to maintain, was that made with the Ukraine over the Crimea. In its more current form that deal says Russia pays the Ukraine handsomely for its use of the long-established (large, expensive and permanent) naval and military facilities at Sevastopol. 25,000 Russian military/navy personell are allowed to be in the Crimea at any time according to that deal, making the Crimea mostly of Russian ethnicity.

      I’ve watched the situation in the Ukraine since late last year, through the eyes of western, middle-eastern and Russian press and the entire affair stinks. You know, if this kind of operation were being carried out by China against the Mexican government and U.S. citizens were being bombed in Texas then it would only be a matter of hours before the U.S. military mobilized to enter the country and take control, all the while claiming it is their right to defend themselves…kind of like Israel going into Palestine, which the west says is ‘self defence’.

      So I must ask, in this instance where outside forces have/are collecting in the Ukraine and they are killing civilians wrecklessly within the Ukraine and bombing Russian citizens in Russian territory; why is Putin/Russia the bad guy when they are protecting their citizens just like the U.S. would? Heck, Putin has been very calm over the recent death toll on Russian soil but that will not last. I will NOT be suprised if he rolls over the Ukraine and does it now before the U.S. can send in any more ‘advisors’ and I will applaud that action very loudly.

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