Harry Reid…again

Yes, I know that the view out my window is of the Canadian landscape but we, up here, are joined at the hip to that wonderland to the south and in more ways than our governments care to mention. Which is why I take great interest in the goings on down there because to the world we are painted with the same brush.

So it is when U.S. senator and business man Harry Reid opens his mouth to comment on the actions of his peers or on the uprising of his pesants, I take notice. For instance I took notice when Mr. Reid supported the Iraq war in 2003 or when Mr. Reid began dealing with the Chinese in 2012/13 over some farm land in the desert and I took notice when those deals went south as Mr. Cliven Bundy and the militia threw a spanner in the works.

Today the statement by Mr. Reid against the U.S. going back into Iraq caught my attention only for the fact that it appears to be a turnabout for him…maybe.  You see, although Mr. Reid voted for boots on the ground in Iraq eleven years ago, he did not want his constituants to know and when he was found out he tried to tell everyone that he was ‘not voting to authorize war but only to continue diplomacy.’  As pointed out by an American watchdog, in order to have misunderstood the vote, Mr. Reid did not read the bill on which he voted.

So Mr. Reid, which is it?  Do you vote blindly on things you know nothing about? Or do you vote against the will of your constituents and then feign ignorance when found out?  Either way you show your true colours and unfortunately you fit right in with your political brethren south of the 49Th.  Say hello to the Chinese for me Harry, my Cantonese is a bit rusty.


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