Denial is not just a river in Egypt

This past week-end former Prime Minister of England Tony Blair posted his thoughts on the Iraq war and it makes interesting reading.

Mr. Blair, perhaps in an effort to counter a decade worth of criticism over his involvement in the destruction of Iraq and its people has suggested that the country was destined for failure a) because it’s Muslim, b) because of Saddam Hussein, and that the intervention by the U.S. and Great Britain was a blessing to these poor, lost souls. He absolutely refutes the idea that the Middle East would be at peace right now if he and Bush had just kept their collective noses out of there and he goes on to suggest that new intervention is required to protect Iraq from the insurgents flooding in from Syria:

“I’m not suggesting we put ground troops in and we do a full scale invasion as we did in Iraq or Afghanistan, but I am saying we are going to have to take an active role in trying to shape events in Syria and Iraq and indeed across the region,”

Now that western media has admitted Mr. Blair and Mr. Bush moved on Iraq in 2003 using the false claim that Saddam was hiding weapons of mass destruction, Mr. Blair skirts that issue in his posting and instead uses a similarly falsified claim about Bashir Assad’s use of chemical weapons to justify British and American attempts to overthrow the Syrian government. He continues to blame Assad despite the United Nations’ Ban Ki Moon admitting to having evidence that only the British/U.S. funded insurgents were using chemical weapons against the Syrian population.  Similarly, he completely ignores the West’s and Great Britain’s role in the training and material support of those supposedly rag-tag collection of al-Qaeda mercenaries the West was/is using in their proxy war with Syria but which have now coalesced into the fighting machine called ISIS.

Does Mr. Blair actually believe that he is not responsible for the hundreds of thousands of Iraqi (and Syrian) and coalition personnel killed because of his actions? Or does Mr. Blair believe that he might erase a decade of war-crimes (more) by telling his side of the ‘story’? Either way, you and I have more smarts and longer memories than Mr. Blair gives us credit for and we should be insulted by his expectation that we take his every word as gospel. Even London’s past Lord Mayor Boris Johnson has taken issue with this latest outpouring of whitewash and has suggested that Mr. Blair get some help, and soon.

I think that Boris is too soft and I wish that one day an arrest for war-crimes (even more) will be successful.


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