The Arrogance Of Humanism

If a student can comprehend what is wrong with western society then it is upon all of us to wonder why we don’t. Have a read and then, have a care.


When a beggar asks for change, do you give it or walk away?
I was asked this question once and realised that sadly, I was of the latter people who would keep their heads down and hands in their pockets. Like the issue discussed yesterday where people in London tend not to interact with each other due to a sense of fear and mistrust, this response to a beggar is also due to mistrust. I was taught that most beggars on the street are fake because either they simply beg as it is all they have been doing their whole lives, they are scam artists or will only end up spending the money on booze.

I have seen examples of this such as the man at Heathrow airport who would go around asking for a pound as he did not have the change to pay for the car park. A…

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