Who wants to live forever?

It would appear from this Reuters article that taking on the blood of a young, healthy mammal will reduce the aging symptoms in older mammals…Perhaps Vlad had it right?

Brain function improvements and even improvements to the physical structures within the older body are seen when young plasma is introduced, or with direct blood transfusions. Of course this study is currently carried out on mice but we are all mammals, aren’t we?

“Earlier research had suggested that the magic elixir in young blood is a growth factor called GDF11, which is found in both humans and mice.”

“In the third study, also in Science, biologists led by Harvard’s Amy Wagers used similar techniques to expose old mice to young blood, finding that GDF11 improved the ability of old mice to exercise.”

So confident are some of the scientists involved that human trials will begin in three years (if they have not already tried it themselves).

“Stanford’s Wyss-Coray believes strongly enough in the therapeutic possibilities of young blood that he co-founded a company, Alkahest, to test its effect in humans. “Alkahest” is the name medieval alchemists gave to a hypothetical substance that would act as an “immortal liquor”.

My cynical brain, obviously lacking an injection of ‘young blood’ can only see bad things resulting from commercialization of this process.  Look what is happening in the ‘organ transplant’ business around the world and you can follow my train of thought. However many bad things might come of this, human vanity and desire to overcome death will win out and you will see those with money using up the worlds plasma/blood supply before it can be used to save the lives of children and people who suffer traumatic accidents or disease.

Look out for the upcoming Red Cross Drive-Thru!



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