FBI Raids Home Full Of Treasure

For some as yet unknown reason, the FBI have descended on a house in Rush County, Indiana equipped with trailers, scientists, archaeologist and lots of packing crates. What they were after is not known but what they are finding consists of ancient artefacts from cultures around the world and dating back thousands of years. From ancient weapons to Egyptian sarcophagus to what has been described as an eight foot tall mummy taken from an ‘Indian Mound’ along the Mississippi; thousand of pieces which the FBI spokesperson says will take decades to identify, catalogue and possibly repatriate with their countries of origin.

Mr. Don Miller, who is the home owner and curator of this ‘unprecedented’ collection is a well travelled and very intelligent man who has spent the last eighty of his ninety-one years of life ‘collecting’ everything he considered ancient, rare, odd and/or fascinating. His career, according to this article from April 3, 2014, involved time with the US military as a specialist and as a missionary building churches in poor countries around the world; affording him daily opportunities for treasure hunting and it is something he and his wife still do today.

Mr. Miller has not been charged with any crime and his neighbours describe him as an outgoing, well rounded individual who is never lost for a story to tell. I would very much like to hear his story of why the FBI are there and what grounds they have for taking his lifetimes worth of treasure.


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