Canadian Identity

When future generations write a Canadian History, the treatise will be called “Life as a Pawn”, assuming that those generations have not been fully brainwashed by the Monarchy of Canada.

It is painful and frustrating to watch the world react to official Canadian foreign policy and realize that Canada is no further along its path to maturity under the Harper regime than it was when Diefenbaker was Prime Minister. I suppose it is a hard thing to establish an identity of your own, never mind a reputation for sovereign individuality when all of your hard lessons and personal triumphs have been stolen by imperial ambitions from both the US and Great Britain.

I see no difference between Mr. Diefenbaker’s betrayal of Canadians when he shut down the Avro Arrow and Mr. Harpers’ betrayal of Canada when he illogically made enemies of much of the world when siding against Palestine and now against Russia. I will not at all be surprised to read that the same 61.5% of Canadians who did not agree with Harpers blind support of Israel also do not agree with his blind support of the new (fascist?) government in Kiev. It is difficult to remain non-partisan when realizing that those two leaders of Canada were/are Conservatives while the Prime Minister who kept Canada out of the Iraq war against strong US and British pressure was the Liberal Mr. Jean Chretien.

There was a time when Canadians could tour the world with pride and be welcomed by almost every nation; I lived and travelled in that time and remember how good it felt. These days a Russian or Palestinian flag on my backpack will be better received by people and countries that suffer the effects of our lack of political backbone and almost complete capitulation to US and European pressures.

How long will it take for those black forces who stirred up Libya, Iraq, Syria, Sudan, the Ukraine and countless other hapless civilizations to work their evil in Quebec and cause this great country to fracture? In our global economy a country is only as good as its ability to contribute resources and wealth to our global masters, who ever they may be. It does not take much to imagine a fractured Canada being ripe for the whole-sale removal of fresh water, food and other resources by these same masters using the same processes that have so far brought chaos and misery to millions of innocent people around the world who woke up one day to realize that the men and women they had elected to govern their country were now selling the country out for personal fame and fortune.

Wake up Canada and look beyond your back-yard and the CBC. Common sense, critical thinking and empathy have always been important tools of survival but they are no longer taught in schools, which makes me wonder if this is the end of Canada and the beginning of several new States in that union to our south. When you are wondering why the rabid, separatist ruler of Quebec, Pauline Marois has not been muzzled by our federal government, think on what other personal gains are available to the Harper regime when he does finally sell Canada off to the highest bidders.


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