Carl Sagan and Crop Formations


Why do I think that this is something more than a hoax carried out by bored farmers with string and flat lengths of wood?  It is true that some of the more than 9,000 formations discovered around the world since the 1980’s have been proven to be fakes, more than 10% of them, which leaves seven or eight thousand formations created over a period of thirty years which have no ‘conventional’ explanation.

Although the first few formations discovered in the early 1970’s were single or multiple circles, by 1990 the formations had grown into multiple shapes, including geometric patterns, straight lines and 2D representations of 3 dimensional objects.  When I say that the first few were discovered in the 1970’s I mean that serious investigation of this phenomenon which is hundreds, if not thousands of years old had begun at that time by mathematicians, biologists, astronomers, physicists and scientists of many disciplines.  Their findings are fascinating and should elevate these formations into mainstream news except that what they have come to represent flies in the face of ‘accepted’ theories of human evolution, physics and religion; a Fortean discovery if there ever was one.

Formations have been found in fields of wild flowers, heather, wheat, barley, canola and reed beds though out the United States, Canada, Europe, the Netherlands, the British Isles and Australia with 90% of them being found in Southern England.  Since I am writing this from North America I will use the research of Dr. W.C. Levengood who, since the mid 1950’s has conducted much of his work from the University of Michigan along with his own lab and those of industrial and academic customers.  Dr. Levengood has shown through his research how to discern ‘fake’ formations from ‘real’ and the differences; some given here in no particular order, are substantial:

1.  Plant stems, especially Canola, will splinter and break when they are bent to the ground or to the common 38o angle which many of the manipulated plants have been found.  When mechanically flattened or flattened by a whirl-wind or other natural atmospheric mechanism, the plants are generally distributed in one direction and have no common angles of deformation, nor do many of them survive after the abuse.  Plants in crop formations which have not been mechanically flattened but are still bent, display fascinating changes to their biology and structure, including but not limited to; accelerated growth of cells in the walls to permit the bending without breaking, signs of microwave heat energy used to heat the plants from the inside which aids in the cellular changes and their manipulation, multiple directions of plant orientation (some even found to be braided), magnetic and slightly radioactive signatures in the plant and in the surround soil

2.  Plants in formations which have not been mechanically flattened continue to grow, even when horizontal.  Similarly when formations appear in young plants there tends to be some stunting of subsequent growth however more mature plants, those past the seedling stage, display accelerated growth when compared to plants outside of the formations.  Mature plants that are allowed to grow subsequent to being caught up in a formation all tend to grow at the same rate, unlike natural growth which differs slightly from plant to plant depending on soil moisture and light conditions

3.  Formations which have been mechanically flattened do not differ in background radiation from their surroundings nor are their magnetic signatures any different from ambient.  Non-mechanically flattened formations upset compasses, activate Geiger counters, disrupt electronic devices (watches, phones, radios) and have been know to send psychics and ‘sensitives’ into convulsions.

Having discerned the physical differences between mechanical creation and what appears to be creation by electrical and microwave energy means the next question is; do these formations mean anything?

Aerial view of first Face and Binary Message beside the radio-telescope

Aerial view of first Face and Binary Message beside the Chilbolton radio-telescope

There are a great number of publications available related to crop formation interpretation, ranging from the supernatural to the spiritual however since the events in England in 2001 their meaning has taken on a somewhat more serious tone.  On the 19Th of August of that year and five days after the appearance of a new form of ‘screen’ printed formation depicting a ‘human’ face, a different image was discovered in the same wheat field adjacent to England’s largest radio telescope; the Chilbolton Observatory.

Human Face

‘Screen Printed’ Human Face

Chilbolton Binary Message Reply

Chilbolton Binary Message Reply

This different image was a rectangle 70Ft wide by 120Ft long which, when viewed from the air appeared to be an odd collection of dots and dashes spaced about the rectangle.  It was not until author and researcher Mr. Richard Hoagland had a chance to review the formation that its relevance became apparent; it was a very familiar looking, binary-coded pictogram.

Message sent by Dr. Carl Sagan from Arecibo

Message sent by Dr. Carl Sagan from Arecibo

Let me back up to November of 1974 where, at the Arecibo radio telescope in Puerto Rico, Dr. Frank Drake and Dr. Carl Sagan had prepared a binary-encoded message that was intended to describe humanity to anyone listening beyond our solar system.  Using 2-trillion watts of energy they transmitted this message along a narrow beam towards the galactic cluster known as M13, about 25-thousand light years distant.  It was one of the first radio message sent into space in an effort to establish contact with unknown beings.

For twenty seven-years there was no known response to the message. Then in 2001, five years after the death of Dr. Sagan, the Chilbolton message was received.  Upon first glance the Chilbolton pictogram appears to exactly replicate that original message however closer inspection reveals that whoever or whatever sent the reply had added their own information.

Here are the two messages for comparison; the one on the right is what we have received at Chilbolton.  Apparently our Decimal Figures are the same as ‘theirs’ otherwise the binary message would not be possible.  Our chemical make up is somewhat different in that our primary element is Carbon, while theirs is Silicon and where we have two strings of DNA, they have three.

Our Message (left), Their Reply (right)

Our Message (left), Their Reply (right)

They are erect, bi-pedal beings that stand about four foot tall (1.2M) and who have large heads relative to their bodies.  There were, in 2001, 21.3-billion of ‘them’ spread across what looks like two planets (3Rd & 4Th) and four moons of the 5Th planet.  What is troubling about their description of their star system is that it looks just like ours.  If it is a different star system then the odds of it being exactly like our own are many million or billion to one. If however it is our own system then they live, or have lived (or want to live) on Earth, Mars and four of Jupiter’s moons.

Water Magnetron

Water Magnetron

At the bottom of each diagram is a description of how the message was sent; our 1974 transmission showing a representation of our radio telescope at Arecibo and their 2001 message showing, well, something.  What it might very well be is represented in this crop formation discovered in 2000, a year before, and only a few fields away from the binary message.  This formation may represent a method of breaking apart water molecules under vacuum using high-frequency microwaves inside of a magnetic enclosure.  In theory, the amount of energy required to break down H2O into O and H2 is lessened at the right frequency and the amount of energy released during the splitting and recombination is greater than the microwave input energy.  As this is occurring the released energy is captured by the magnetic enclosure and then amplified by a series of external magnetic enclosures.  Those tiny circles which seem to radiate outward from this diagram represent the energy output which may have been used to transmit their own message, as well as being a source of free, renewable energy.

2002 Image using horizontal lines to improve definition

2002 Image using horizontal lines to improve definition

Yet this story does not end there.  A year later and in the same field, a new formation appeared which differed in composition from all previous formations in that it did not use schematic images nor did it use a ‘screen’ printing method like that of the face from 2001.  This new formation was constructed by using horizontal bands of standing and flattened wheat to make the image, exactly the way we see pictures on a television set.  However the way in which the message was created pales in comparison to the message its self which shows a grey alien holding out a round disc encoded with more information.

On August 15, 2002 this image did exists as a formation and it became a media sensation, as you can imagine.  I have no information on whether or not Dr. Levengoods’ testing methodology had been used to determine the veracity of this site and my first impression is that its deviation from all other previous formations, not to mention its depiction of a ‘typical’ alien makes it suspect.  One has to wonder though, who or what could put this 390Ft x 232Ft formation together in the wee hours of a morning without leaving some trace of human involvement behind and indeed there were no tracks to or from the formation.

Some research has been carried out on the message within the 100Ft diameter disk and here is the best translation of its binary code using the computer language ASCII that I can find:

“Beware the bearers of FALSE gifts and their BROKEN PROMISES.  Much PAIN but still time. BELIEVE. There is GOOD out there. We OPpose DECEPTION. COnduit CLOSING,”

Please note that unlike some earlier interpretations of the above message, the capitalization and punctuation given above are true to the raw information from the disk.  I say this because earlier translations suggested that the message ended with a period and reference a ‘bell’ sound.  The difference is important because where there is a ‘comma’ at the end of the message one can expect a continuation of the message at a later time or perhaps a slightly different location.  To date I have not heard that the message has been continued.

It would be nice to have clear cut answers to all of the questions raised by these fascinating formations and perhaps one day we will.  What troubles me more than the crop formations and their apparent messages is why Dr. Carl Sagan chose the star cluster M13 in the first place and how did the message with a two-way distance of 50 light years arrive here in 27 years?  Was it intercepted by something closer?


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