Double Speak

Never Give Up The Fight

Never Give Up The Fight

To much of the world, Nelson Mandela was and is a hero of human rights.  His efforts and sacrifices gave hope and a future of (relative) freedom from tyranny, oppression and slavery to hundreds of millions of people on every continent.  Yet there are those who, during his lifetime considered him a ‘Terrorist’ and worked hard to thwart the changes he was bringing about.  It is disgusting to see and hear those same people; leaders of powerful first world nations bemoan his passing and suggest that “His struggle against injustice and oppression was a true inspiration…”

In Canada, our own parliamentarian Rob Anders has and still does consider Mr. Mandela a ‘Terrorist and a Communist.”  He is unapologetic for his views now that Mr. Mandela has passed, acknowledging that Canadians have a long memory and that we would take him to task should he gloss-over or deny his stand while heaping false praise on the departed.  Although his view of Mr. Mandela is unfortunate, Mr. Anders actions are almost upstanding compared to President Obama and Representative Joe Bidden of the United States who, while sanctioning torture, indefinite arrest and the killing of unarmed civilians say that “Mandela’s head and heart lifted a nation to freedom. We will continue to keep his spirit alive and strive to live by his example.”

I will leave it up to you to speculate why these leaders would so hate the man and his mission and to ponder on how many other leaders and people in power have done all they could to place/keep Nelson Mandel in jail.  This will not be an easy task given that our media is full of hypocrisy and lies.

Rest in Peace, Nelson Mandela


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