Funny Money

"She's just a 3, dressed up as a 9"

“She’s just a 3, dressed up as a 9”

In an effort to make the once beautiful green-back more appealing to Chinese investors, a joint venture in cosmetic surgery has been mounted by public relations firms on both sides of the world.

To that end I am pleased to announce the ‘Lucky Dollar’; a bill noted not for its value as a trade currency but as a whimsical oddity with many ‘8’s’ in the serial number.

When I was a child there were prizes in breakfast cereal boxes and ‘Post’ used to put pieces of distant, third world currency in some of their products.  I remember dumping the entire box of ‘sugar-coated whatever’ onto the table in an effort to beat my siblings to the prize, which was more often than not some Chinese coinage or paper currency.

This year it will be happening the other way around.


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