How Much is Enough?

When it comes to private information about your person, yoStasiur health and your outlook on life, how much of it would you willingly share with strangers in a foreign country?  I would bet you said ‘None’.

For Canadians it would appear that we no longer have a choice in who gets to see our medical history, among other personal information, thanks to the Harper governments’ cozy relationship with the United States.  Ms. Ellen Richardson is a blaring example of how a Canadians’ highly personal, medical information has not only been shared with the U.S. government, but turned around and used against her.  No, Ms. Richardson, who holds a masters degree in counselling is not a psychopath nor does she carry any virulent strains of bacteria; she had been diagnosed as clinically depressed last year and for that the U.S. government is not allowing her across the border.

It is a sad day on so many levels when a paralyzed Ellen Richardson is added to the list of thousands of Canadians who can no longer travel to or even through the U.S. because of something that was said or done in complete privacy, here at home.  Next time you are approaching U.S. customs, give a thought to what they already know about you, your family and how many times you’ve been to the doctor or when and for what purpose you last used your credit card and cell phone.

Papers, please!


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