I want a Divorce!

A picture is always worth a thousand words

A picture is always worth a thousand words

There is going to be a wet-land conservation area named after Canada’s current Prime Minister, Stephen Harper.

Sadly, it will not be in Canada because Mr. Harper has taken much of the Federal funding of Conservation efforts and put it into military spending. No, the conservation area to bear his name is within the Hula Valley of Israel.

Tonight, Sunday December 1St 2013, at the annual Negev dinner in Toronto, Ontario, Mr. Harper is being honoured for his support of Israel through the previous eight years and more specifically his siding with Israel against the (successful) Palestinian bid to obtain UN observer status. From the MSN news article of Nov. 30, 2013:

“But one issue — Iran — has created a political cleavage between Jerusalem and Washington as distinct as the passage carved by Moses through the Red Sea.

On Iran, Canada stands firmly on the Israeli side, separate from allies such as the U.S. and Britain.

This past week, Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird said he was openly sceptical of the U.S.-brokered deal to curb Iran’s nuclear ambitions, backing the Netanyahu’s hard-line against it.

Even thick-skinned veterans of the Israeli government find themselves hard pressed to explain why Harper is so supportive. “

To my sensibilities, Mr. Harper is cheating the majority of Canadians who do Not support his many reversals of Canadas’ hard won victories both at home and on the world stage. He is acting like an unfaithful husband who leaves a beautiful, fertile wife at home to be raped by the gardener while he spends the family savings on a dark-haired mistress, half-way around the world.

Dec. 07, 2013 update: Apparently the warning of. “…likely to cause significant adverse environmental effects.” is not sufficient to stop approval of more development on the Athabasca River of Alberta. SHELL OIL is going ahead with a tar-sands project which will only add to the impact industry is having on watersheds and populations, both human and animal, in Alberta.

As a citizen of Canada, I want a divorce from the Harper government!


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