All Hallows’ Eve, Food Stamps, A Third Eye and other things


Did you celebrate All Hallows Eve?  Where children, dressed as ghosts and lady gaga, decend on houses marked with a pumpkin and beg for candy.  Although it was fun long ago, when my sons were young, I’m older and can’t run as fast.  Second year in a row now that I’ve been pinched for stealing candy from little kids.

Speaking of children, many, many of them in the United States who depend on food stamps for a balanced diet are not going to get it.  BBC reports that Congess have reduced or stopped all together the food stamp program for 47 million Americans.  Apparently the republicans want even more cuts.  Just as an aside, those 47 million Americans are 75.8% of the population of Great Britain.

Oh, but it gets worse in our great North America!  US courts in Pennsylvania have thrown down a challenge leveled by the medical profession at the resource industries and governent, over the right to blame patient illness on ‘fracking’.  Now, when that horizontal gas well under your backyard is hit with high pressure water and chemicals, the flammable tap water and sudden apperance of a third eye on your face cannot be blamed on those who profit most.

Ah, Syria. Such history and beauty, entangled in a web that Assad instigated but which has grown well out of proportion thanks to the ‘west’.  I think that it was Kissinger who included Syria in the list of oil producing countries which were of interest to the US.  Although I don’t like Mr. Assad, the alternatives are too tough to think about.

Which is why I get upset when even though Syria has complied with the world and destroyed its chemical weapons, plus the means to make them, Israel has to go and bomb them.

Ah, Israel. Without history but beautiful, a country which Torah Judaism says should not exist.  In many ways she acts as though she were the only country in the world and everyone else is the enemy. But what do I know?

Good night, God speed and may Allah bless you and keep you!


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