Happy Karma

Here are the makings of a great adventure story, from The Times of India.

When you were young, were you ever separated from your parent(s) in a crowded place, even for a few moments?  Suddenly realizing that you are alone and lost amidst a sea of strangers; every second alone feeling like an hour.  Until mom or dad, only a few meters away and alerted by your screams, rescues you and your flow of tears become those of relief.

For this young man, growing up in India twenty five years ago offered its own set of challenges, but when he became separated from his parents, it was by one hundred and sixty kilometres; a world away when telephones were scarce and the internet non-existent.   At four years of age, Saroo Brierley got onto the wrong train in the hope of meeting his elder brother and the train travelled for hours with him on it before someone noticed that he was alone.

Jump ahead in time by twenty six years and thousands of kilometres distant to the continent of Australia and Saroo Brierley sits intently at his computer screen, scanning satellite images of India.  Adopted soon after being found alone, his new family moved him to Australia and he grew up with all of the things in life that he would have been denied, had he not gotten on that train.

Although now a business executive Mr. Brierley had never forgotten his early life and as he grew older, he began to search out his original home.  Using satellite imaging readily available on the internet and what few, vague memories he retained from that age, he narrowed the search until one day, he believed he had it.

Successfully reunited with his original family, Mr. Brierley has written a book about his adventures.  Although I would like to offer you a link, I’m not a shill for Amazonians so you will have to search it yourself.  Or you can wait for the Bollywood production, coming soon to a theatre near you.



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